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I’m fine. Surgery was a success. I feel drunk from the meds and I’m drifting in and out of sleep. They’re monitoring me and I seem alright.


hello lovely folks

I’m gonna be away for a while (about 2 weeks, depending) bc later today I’m being admitted into hospital for a major surgery on Tuesday. so I’m just putting this here just in case people start wondering where the hell I’ve been.

anyway, yeah it’s a corrective surgery for my scoliosis and I’m required to stay in hospital for at least 6-9 days, but more if complications start to happen. which I hope won’t. at most I’ll probably just have another chest infection like last time.

there is a chance, albeit very small, that I might not actually ever wake up after they’ve put me under bc something might fuck up in the midst of the operation and I suddenly drop dead but for my sake let’s hope that doesn’t happen. if I do wake up, I’ll try and post something like “I’m fine. surgery was a success” sometime on Tuesday (or after) if everything goes well.

I don’t think I’m cursed to die (yet) so I’ll see you folks in 2 weeks! ♥

P.S.: if I don’t actually make it, I just want to say that there have been some people here who I’ve had the utmost honour of meeting and, really, if I hadn’t known any of you my life probably would’ve sucked a lot more than it already has now. so thank you. I love you.